Ashaki M. Jackson

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Ashaki M. Jackson, MFA, Ph.D. is a social psychologist and the author of two chapter-length collections, Surveillance (Writ Large Press, 2016) and Language Lesson (Miel, 2016). Jackson is a Cave Canem alumna who has studied in community with VONA/Voices and the Hurston/Wright Foundation. Obsidian, McSweeney’s, Midnight Breakfast, American Academy of Poets, and World Literature Today have featured her work. She serves as Publisher at The Offing magazine.

Books That Make a Difference: I appreciate Salvador Plascencia’s The People of Paper for reinventing novel shape for me. I also hold close Cristina Garcia’s Dreaming in Cuban for such an exciting integration of faith and family. Also, Suheir Hammad’s narrow collection Breaking Poems is an ecstatic exploration of language, culture, and cross-cultural bonds.