Maggie Marquez

Bells Toll Ad Infinitum, Sunday, May 7 at 12:30pm, Mt. View Mausoleum

Maggie Marquez attended Pierce Jr. College in Woodland Hills, CA with an emphasis on Secretarial Science. Maggie is a loving mother of two beautiful adult children and two cats. She is a retired librarian, with 21 years of experience in fostering the love of reading, which goes hand in hand with the practice of writing. She has an interest and love of poetry writing. It allows her to build connections with those around, in addition to expressing her innermost thoughts and feelings.

Books That Make a Difference: For motivation, to catch a glimpse into someone else’s world, someone else’s love story: Love in the Time of Cholera by Marquez. For inspiration: Frida Kahlo: A Spiritual Biography by Jack Rummel. An entertaining senior book that I had for my dad and now I read for myself: A Book for Obsolete Children by Dr. Seuss.