Harry E. Northup

Group Reading with Cahuenga Press, Red Hen Press, and FlowerSong Press, Saturday, May 6, 12:30pm-1:45pm, Mt. View Mausoleum

Harry E. Northup has had twelve books of poetry published: Amarillo Born, the jon voight poems, Eros Ash, Enough the Great Running Chapel, the images we possess kill the capturing, The Ragged Vertical, Reunions, Greatest Hits, 1996-2001, Red Snow Fence, Where Bodies Again Recline and East Hollywood: Memorial to Reaso, Love Poem to MPTF.  He received his B.A. in English from C.S.U.N. where he studied verse with Ann Stanford.  Northup has made a living as an actor for thirty-four years, acting in thirty-seven films, including “Taxi Driver” (1976 Palme d’Or winner at Cannes), and “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991 Oscar winner for Best Picture). Harry is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Lewis MacAdams, in the L.A. Weekly, wrote, “Northup is the poet laureate of East Hollywood.” Harry Produces & Hosts Harry’s Poetry Hour, Creative Chaos MPTF, a one-hour, weekly poetry program. http://www.cahuengapress.com/.

Books That Make a Difference: The New American Poetry, 1946-1960, Edited by Donald M. Allen (Grove Press, 1960); Feasts, by Holly Prado (Momentum Press, 1976); Weather, by Holly Prado (Cahuenga Press, 2019).