Vickie Vértiz

Building Our Canon: Queer Writers Tracing Literary Ancestries (moderator), Saturday, May 6 at 12:30pm and San Gabriel Valley: Family-Style Book Promotions, Saturday at 2:00pm, Mt. View Mausoleum

Vickie Vértiz is the oldest child of an immigrant Mexican family. Her poetry and essays are featured in the New York Times magazine, Huizache, the Los Angeles Review of Books, KCET Departures, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among many publications. Her second book Auto/Body won the 2023 Sandeen Poetry Prize from the University of Notre Dame. She is a recipient of fellowships from the Mellon Foundation, Bread Loaf Environmental Writers Conference, VONA, CantoMundo, and Macondo. Vértiz teaches writing at UC-Santa Barbara. She lives in Los Angeles.

Books That Make a Difference: This Bridge Called My Back, edited by Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldua, City of Quartz by Mike Davis, Swallow the Fish by Gabrielle Civil.