James F. Wright

Comic Disruption (moderator), Sunday, May 7 at 3:30pm, Mt. View Mausoleum

James F. Wright is a queer writer, reader, and ramen eater based in Los Angeles. He has contributed stories to two Eisner Award-winning anthologies — 2018’s Elements: Fire with Rashad Doucet, edited by Taneka Stotts and Shing Yin Khor; and 2021’s You Died: An Anthology of the Afterlife with Jackie Crofts, edited by Kel McDonald and Andrea Purcell — and been nominated for another with Josh Eckert for their sci-fi short, 2018’s Contact High. He recently completed work on Godzilla Rivals: Rodan vs Ebirah with Phillip Johnson, and Lupina: Book Two with Li Buszka. He currently works as a video games narrative writer at Deck Nine Games. http://www.jamesfwrites.com/.