LitFest in the Dena Saturday and Sunday 12:30-6pm May 4-5 2004

Gary Phillips

Another Southland: BIPOC Writers and their LA Stories, Saturday, May 4 at 12:30pm-1:30pm
Beyond Borders: Readings and Conversations with African American, LGBTQ and other marginalized writers, Sunday, May 5, 3:30-4:30pm, Mountain View Mausoleum

Gary Phillips edited the Anthony-winning anthology, The Obama Inheritance: Fifteen Stories of Conspiracy Noir, and written comics such as The Return of Xal-Kor, the Human Cat – a fandom favorite of the 1970s. The Washington Post named his novel One-Shot Harry one of the best mysteries of 2022. He was a staff writer and co-producer on FX’s Snowfall about crack and the CIA in 1980s South Central. Culprits, a miniseries on Hulu, used as source material a linked anthology he co-edited with Richard Brewer, Culprits: The Heist Was Just the Beginning