LitFest in the Dena Saturday and Sunday 12:30-6pm May 4-5 2004
Jerome Woods headshot

C. Jerome Woods

Beyond Borders: Readings and Conversations with African American, LGBTQ and other marginalized writers, Saturday, May 4, 3:30-4:30pm

C. Jerome Woods, Founding Director of the Black LGBT Project (chronicles the lives and contributions of Black LGBT persons and their significant others) is a published poet and author whose work has appeared in various queer and mainstream publications as well as recorded on compact disc, and appears in “Jewel’s Catch One” documentary on NetFlix.
Rooted in family, friends, and community, the Louisiana native and retired educator sits on several community advisory boards, art panels, and councils. He is a pro-choice, human and social justice advocate, and activist who is visible as a professional and volunteer service provider. This year marks Woods’ second year as a Steering Committee Meeting for ONE Institute’s CIRCA: Queer Histories Festival 2024.
Woods hopes to communicate and collaborate with individuals, organizations, agencies, and institutes in decreasing and/or eradicating HIV/AIDS, homelessness, illiteracy, age and ethnic discrimination, homophobia, incarceration, and stigma and shame in the international community(ies).