LitFest in the Dena Saturday and Sunday 12:30-6pm May 4-5 2004

Janet Wertman

All World-Building Is Local, Sunday, May 5,  2:00-3:00pm, Mt. View Mausoleum

By day, Janet Wertman is a freelance grantwriter for impactful nonprofits. By night, she writes critically acclaimed, character-driven historical fiction – indulging a passion for the Tudor era she had harbored since she was eight years old and her parents let her stay up late to watch The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth R. Her Seymour Saga trilogy (Jane the Quene, The Path to Somerset, The Boy King) took her deep into one of the era’s central families – and now she is working on her follow-up Regina trilogy, which will explore Elizabeth’s journey from bastard to icon. Janet also runs a blog ( where she posts interesting takes on the Tudors and what it’s like to write about them.